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This is What I do

I'm All About Tattoos

TattooList aspires to become the leading spot for all things tattoo related. If tattoos are you passion or profession (or both!), there’s a something for you on TattooList.

Bringing together tattoo professionals and tattoo fans is something I enjoy doing! But I’m so much more than that! I provide the professionals with tools that help them build their business, reach more people, find support and grow!

I'm Building a Tattoo Network

A global network for tattoo professionals and enthusiasts. Create connections, find a new place to work, an event to attend, find someone to connect with, start something new… In every corner of the world.

My Best Features

The tools I provide are here to help you create and grow.


Create your listing, apply to jobs and guest spots around the world
Promote your work, create events, news, get more clients to contact you…


With a verified listing you can create Events, Job listings, publish Articles, reach more clients. Use our database of available artists to find new residents or guesting artists.

Event Organizers

Promote your events, find participating artists, companies and shops to work with.

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Tattoo fans, you can create as many listings as you like, but you’ll be limited to creating Artist and Shop listings. 

Tattoo artists, shop owners/managers and other tattoo professionals can get their account verified to access more listing types and features. Create you first listing to get started!

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