Ankle Tattoos

The ankle is a very popular placement for small and delicate tattoos, as the ankle, similar to the wrist, doesn’t offer a lot of space for larger designs. It’s also very common to get a bracelet or a band, as the area for the tattoo is then extended around the whole ankle. No special meaning is associated with the placement, and the fact that it’s quite easy to hide, makes it a popular choice for first timers.

Does it hurt to get an ankle tattoo?

Tattooing the ankle area can be a bit more painful when compared to areas that have more flesh and fat to cushion the nedle poking. Smaller, more delicate designs will make it easier to endure.

Will my ankle tattoo fade quickly?

As with all tattoos placed on joints and areas where the skin is close to the bone, ankle tattoos are a bit more prone to fading, depending on the exact placement.

How to take care of your ankle tattoo

Depending on the exact spot, you might have to pay special attention for the first couple of weeks not to damage the fresh ink with your shoues or socks.