Arm Tattoos

The arms, especially the upper arm, are a very popular choice for tattoo placement. Easy to cover or show off, arms are almost the default place to land a tattoo. Going very big or very small, the arms offer a place for any design size, allowing for complex and detailed designs.

Does it hurt to get an arm tattoo?

For the most part (excluding the inner areas), the arms are among the least painful body parts to get tattooed.

Another advantage of the placement is the fact that your arms will often be in your eyesight, making it a perfect place for the designs that hold a special meaning, as you’ll be looking at them very often.

Will my arm tattoo fade?

When taken care of correctly, the arm tattoos will hold over time really well. Fading can be expected for the areas that get exposed to the sun, so make sure to moisturize and put on sun block, and you’ll be just fine.