Botanical Tattoos

Delicate and precise, botanical tattoos have surged in popularity ever since the number of women sporting permanent ink has grown. In particular, fern-like plants are often used due to their elegant look and densely packed leaves. Full bouquet tattoos can contain over a dozen different plants that each carry their own personalized meaning.

The tradition of deeply symbolic flower bouquets doesn’t just originate from tattoo shops, either. In the seventeenth century, Renaissance artists would make extremely detailed oil painting depicting lilies, roses, and greenery at various stages of decay.

Dying flora and fauna can represent a loss of purity and innocence, as well as the influence of time, which was of particular importance to pious Christian artists in the 1700s. For a less weighty meaning, some tattoo wearers select deep-rooted trees that may symbolize character growth, forgiveness, and wisdom.