Rose Tattoos

Roses are one of the most popular tattoo subjects in the world. Roses can symbolize everything ranging from love to hope, vitality, and promise.
Unlike other flower tattoos, the color has a profound effect on meaning: while yellow roses represent protection, deep red roses often denote romantic passion.
Rose tattoo designs work well on pretty much any part of the body; we see them as delicate designs on wrists or fingers, or as big and bold pieces covering people’s sleeves.
Black and grey, blackwork, fine-line or in full color, roses are a prominent subject in any style of tattooing.

Rose tattoo Color style by Dziary u Barbary
Tattoo Inspiration

Rose Tattoos – Symbolism, Designs and Placement

Rose, the flower of love and passion, is probably the flower that get’s tattooed the most. Still, no matter how often we see it inked on someone’s skin, we can’t but admire it’s beauty. In this collection we’re looking at some amazing designs, their meaning

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