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Bat Tattoos you’ll go Batshit Crazy for!

Bat and Dagger Tattoo on Chest - Color style by Darian Williams
Bat Tattoo by Darian Williams

Bats are fascinating creatures. Nocturnal, equipped with super powers of flight, able to ‘see’ sounds and communicate with ultrasonic sounds. Extremely useful to people, but also feared by some, these creatures of the night are among the most popular tattoo subjects.

Bat Tattoo Symbolism

As it goes, people look for hidden meaning everywhere, and bats are no exemption. While some see them as representation of mysticism, fear, the occult, and, obviously, vampires, others will point out that bats symbolise happiness and prosperity, rebirth, intuition, journey… but to us, they’re just Goddamn cute! 

In the Greek mythology, bats were associated with the goddess Diana, representing fertility and motherhood. Early Christians depicted falling angels with bat wings, while American Native people saw bats as symbols for life and rebirth . The Chinese culture sees bats as a symbol of luck, and we’re 100% on board with that! The way we see bats today is mostly associated with modern portrayal in Batman or Dracula, where the bat is strongly associated with the hero or the villain, depends on how you look at it.

Bat Tattoo Placement and Styles

Looking for bat tattoo inspiration? You’re in the right place! With over 50 hand picked bat tattoos in our gallery, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Although a lot of people fear bats, there’s no shortage of fans for the only mammal capable of flight. Some people are so fascinated by the animal that they devote their skin to immortalize the flying creature. 

bat  tattoo on Arm (upper) - Dotwork style by Brianne McNinch
Upper arm placement is just perfect for this Bat Tattoo by Brianne McNinch

From tiny gap filler so full backpieces, tattoos and bats go well together and bats are a common motif in multiple tattoo styles. Blacwork being the obvious choice, we found a number of amazing color bat tattoos, especially done in the Neo Traditional style.

Blackwork Bat Tattoos

Black and Grey Bat Tattoos

Neo Traditional Bat Tattoos

This is entirely non-scientific, but we get the feeling that most people opt for a bat tattoo around Halloween, as they usually end up on themed flash boards at discounted prices.

50+ Bat Tattoo Designs

Find your bat tattoo inspiration in our gallery below.

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