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Your Questions About Wrist Tattoos, Answered

Wrist tattoos are making quite a come back lately. Elegant, delicate tattoos are perfectly placed on the wrist, easy to show off in all seasons but still discreet enough and easy to conceal – a great placement for an amazing tattoo.

As their popularity grows, wrist tattoos are a growing subject among enthusiasts, and the do raise a bunch of new questions. The skin on the wrist is visibly delicate and thin, and there are many concerns about getting that part of the body exposed to sharp needles. Here are some of your most asked questions about wrist tattoos – answered.

Wrist Tattoos and Pain

Just by looking at it, the soft, delicate skin with visible veins showing through, you might think it’s a very sensitive area and that tattooing it must hurt.

The (somewhat) good news, it doesn’t hurt as much as some other placements but they are quite high on the pain scale. As in all cases, pain is quite subjective and different people will have different perceptions of it.
Inner wrist area is more sensitive but as with all parts of the body, the most uncomfortable part is the are where the bones stick out. Luckily, the are is quite small and it’s all over quickly.

hand with a wrist tattoo

How to make wrist tattoos hurt less

If you want to keep the experience as less painful as possible, go for a simpler, smaller design. A small outlined tattoo on your wrist will be done so quickly, you will barely notice the pain.

Also, you want to work with a gentile artist, someone with enough experience to know how to approach that part of the body without causing a lot of trauma to the skin. This is done by asking the artist to show you pictures of their wrist tattoos. If the images pf fresh tattoos show a lot of trauma, redness, bleeding and blowouts, you should share your concerns with the artist, or maybe look for someone else.

Wrist Tattoo Designs

Most people opt for a simple, delicate tattoo to be placed on their wrist. It is a very visible area, not as easy to keep covered in all situations. We definitely see a lot of simple, fine line, minimalist wrist tattoo designs such as hearts, celestial objects, floral designs and writings being tattooed on wrists.

a woman's arm with a wrist tattoo

Questions and Answers About Wrist Tattoos

How bad do tattoos on the wrist hurt?

Wrist tattoos are quite high on the pain scale, reason for it being the fact that the area has a lot of nerve endings close to the surface, and that always causes a bit of discomfort. With small and delicate tattoos, that’s not as pronounced as it doesn’t take as many passes to get them done.

Do wrist tattoos hurt your veins?

This worries a lot of people considering a wrist tattoo. As with all tattoos, if you go to a professional artist that takes good care of your safety, you are perfectly fine. In normal conditions, your veins are safe, as the tattoo needles do not go that deep in to your skin, and there’s no danger of them reaching your veins.

Do wrist tattoos bleed more?

The bleeding while getting a tattoo should be minimal, and wrist tattoos are no different. Some bleeding will occur, your skin is getting pierced after all, but the wrist are is no more prone to bleeding than other parts of your body.

Is it okay to get a tattoo on your wrist?

Some people worry about getting a tattoo on their wrists as the area is very visible and not always easy to cover. If you have a reason not to have visible tattoos, you should definitely not consider a wrist tattoo. If you have no such concerns, then just go for it.

Are wrist tattoos for girls?

Of course the wrist tattoos are for girls. But, wrist tattoos are also for boys, women, men, and all people who want to get one. Wrist tattoos are lately very popular with young women, but there are no gender related limitations here.

Will wrist tattoos fade?

As all tattoos, wrist tattoos will lose some of their shine with time, but a properly done tattoo will last and the placement is not as prone to fading as your fingers would be.

How much do small wrist tattoos cost?

The cost of wrist tattoos depends on the design and the size of the tattoo. For a small, delicate tattoo, you can expect to pay $50 to $100. For a mandala bracelet going all the way around and a few inches in height, you are looking at $180 – $250.

Should a wrist tattoo face you or away?

Generally, tattoos are placed in the way so that the person facing them can see them in the right way, away from the person wearing them. On the other hand, it’s your tattoo, so you are free to do as you want, just be aware of the fact that tattoos are for life.

Do wrist tattoos take longer to heal?

Yes, your wrist area might take a bit longer to fully heal just because it get’s a lot of use. Your wrists move a lot, the skin is getting stretched and twisted all the time, and that will influence the healing process. Keep it clean and protected, healing properly and not fast, that’s what’s important.

How long after a wrist tattoo can I wear a watch?

Generally, wait for a couple of weeks before you start wearing watches or bracelets over your new wrist tattoo. Definitely do not wear anything that might damage the tattoo while it’s still fresh. When the scabs are gone and the skin feels healed, you’re safe.

How can I hide a tattoo on my wrist?

If you’re worried about the tattoo being visible, then maybe the wrist is not the best place for you to have it? But, if you have to occasionally hide your wrist tattoo, we can suggest wearing long sleeves, bracelets or a bandanna. A concealer also might work for smaller tattoos.

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