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Best Collarbone Floral Tattoos For Your Inspiration

Collarbone tattoos are elegant and sensual, and although they are very trendy, getting one is not an easy decision. We gathered some facts you should know about collarbone and shoulder tattoos and collected some wonderful floral designs, just perfect for the placement.

Flower tattoo on Collarbone by Astana
Tattoo by Astana

Collarbones, or the clavicle, is the area at the top of the chest where two curved bones connect, joining the breastbone to the shoulders. The neck, the shoulders and the chest are framed and accentuated by the meandering bones, creating a perfect setting for visible yet easy to cover tattoos. Alas, things are not that simple, looking good comes with a price and getting a collarbone tattoo is going to take a bit of sacrifice on your part.

Getting a Collarbone Tattoo Hurts

Magnolia tattoo on Collarbone by Sasha Vorobiova
Tattoo by Sasha Vorobiova

The collarbone is among the most painful spots on the body to get a tattoo. If this is where you want to get your first tattoo, it will be baptism by fire, for sure. Any spot where the skin is close to the bone is going to hurt more, and the feeling of needles buzzing on your bone is not pleasant at all. As a bit of comfort, for the same reason, the areas just above or below the collarbone will hurt less.

Lily Flower tattoo on Shoulder by Daniel Anthony
Tattoo by Daniel Anthony

In no way should this deter you away from getting a clavicle tattoo, you just need to be prepared for a less than pleasant experience. Don’t plan any large, heavy and detailed designs until you know what to expect, and you’ll be just fine.

Flower tattoo on Collarbone by Laura Martinez
Tattoo by Laura Martinez

Placement of the Tattoo

There are many options for a floral tattoo around the collarbone. Apart from getting it directly on the bone, you can go above or below, more towards the shoulders, or on the chest. If you’re going for a larger piece, you can extend the tattoo to these areas.

Flower tattoo on Collarbone by Astana
Tattoo by Astana

Designing the Perfect Collarbone Tattoo

The placement dictates the design. A good tattoo should always flow with the body, and that is very much the truth when it comes to collarbone tattoos. The shape of the bone will dictate the composition of the design, and floral tattoos fit it perfectly!

Botanical tattoo on Collarbone by Vanessa
Tattoo by Vanessa

Collarbone Tattoo Designs and Inspiration

It’s no secret we love flower tattoos. There’s something about the delicate beauty and variety of flowers that makes them look amazing in any number of designs and tattoo styles. Black and grey, micro realism, blackwork, fine line… any style of tattooing, any placement and size, flowers always make for amazing tattoos.

Flower tattoo on Chest by Laura Martinez

Beautiful bunch of wild flowers decorating both collarbones. Tattoo by Laura Martinez

Rose tattoo on Chest by Jonah Tang

Just under the colarbone, red rose by Jonah Tang

freesia tattoo on Chest - Color style by Ewa Czub

Freesia Flower tattoo by Ewa Czub

flower botanical Chrysanthemum scar tattoo on Chest - Blackwork style by Arang eleven

Most people hear ‘flowers’ and think – female tattoos. To prove them all wrong, amazing chrysanthemum tattoo covering a scar, done by Arang eleven

Rose tattoo on Chest by Connor Getzlaff (Skooter)

Traditional rose on chest by Connor Getzlaff (Skooter)

Magnolia tattoo on Shoulder by graffittoo

This Magnolia tattoo done by graffittoo flows perfectly from the shoulder, passing the collarbone on the way to the chest.

Flower tattoo on Shoulder by Green

A wreath of roses from the collarbone to the upper arm. Tattoo by Green

Rose tattoo on Shoulder by Soohee Jin

X-ray Rose on shoulder. Tattoo by Soohee Jin

Peony tattoo on Shoulder by maggie paletta

Colorful peonies by maggie paletta

Sweet pea tattoo on Shoulder by Lianna

A very elegant collarbone tattoo incorporates a bunch of sweet pea flowers covering the shoulder. Tattoo by Lianna

Pansy tattoo on Shoulder by Rita

Rita did an amazing job with this pansy flower placed on the edge of the client’s collarbone.

Lavender tattoo on Shoulder by Sasha Unisex

The design stretches to the shoulder to include a colorful hummingbird. Done by Sasha Unisex

Tulip tattoo on Shoulder by Siyeon

A delicate blue tulip and some writing. Tattoo by Siyeon

Rose tattoo on Shoulder by artatt2_s.y
Tattoo by artatt2_s.y
Magnolia tattoo on Shoulder by roryriot

The shading on this magnolia simply blows our mind! Amazing tattoo by roryriot.

Flower tattoo on Shoulder by Melisa

Shoulder and collarbone connected by flowers. Tattoo by Melisa

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