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Emoji Tattoos – Like ’em or Not, They’re Here to Stay

Tattoos have always been a way to express ones thoughts, emotions, a way to send a message. Emojis are the same, so let’s get them inked!

A poop on you forearm, what does that mean? You’re definitely going to hear that question a lot when you decide to tattoo a poop emoji on your skin. But, emojis, just like tattoos, are not to be taken seriously all the time. Relax, enjoy a bunch of fresh emoji tattoos.

Money Mouth Emoji Tattoo

emoji smile money tattoo by winigreeni
Tattoo by winigreeni

You got the dough, why not say it with a money emoji right there on your wrist!

Heart Emoji Tattoo

emoji heart  tattoo on Wrist (inner) by tattoo.ina
Tattoo by tattoo.ina

Lovely, delicate, purple heart emoji.

Poop Emoji Tattoo

emoji poop shit tattoo by Jim Craig
Tattoo by Jim Craig

It was just a matter of time, people are tattooing poop on themselves, and we’re just fine with it.

Unicorn poop emoji just takes things one step further.

emoji poop unicorn tattoo on Wrist (inner) by Carla Heart Cruz
Tattoo by Carla Heart Cruz

Fire Emoji Tattoo

emoji fire  tattoo on Arm (upper) by Alexsandra Chelini
Tattoo by Alexsandra Chelini

You’re on fire, and the world needs to know this!

Beer Emoji, Matching Tats

emoji beer drink heart tattoo by Jimmy James
Tattoo by Jimmy James

Nothing nicer than a couple that share a passion for the same things. Makes a couple really bond together. The fact that it’s love for beer that brought them together is just so romantic!

I Love Ice-Cream!

emoji heart ice cream tattoo by Mordrakeink
Tattoo by Mordrakeink

Talking about love, there’s no matching this girl’s love for a good ice-cream cone. We feel you, girl!

Matching Heat Emoji Tattoos

emoji heart matching tattoo on Wrist (inner) by Tanj Njat
Tattoo by Tanj Njat

Lovely idea, you and your girlfriend got a matching hear emoji tattoos, in multicolor.

Emoji Tattoo Gallery

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