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What happens if you don’t moisturize your tattoo?

When your tattoo starts healing, your skin needs moisturization to be better able to heal itself. Even though your tattoo might heal perfectly without any hydration, we don’t recommend it as most skin types need to be moisturized regularly.

If your skin is sensitive, already prone to dryness, eczema and other skin conditions, protecting the skin by keeping it moisturized is definitely something you should do.

The best way to keep your skin healthy and to help it heal properly is to: –

  • keep it clean by washing it regularly (2-3 times per day, depending);
  • don’t touch it, itch it and mess around with it;
  • moisturize moderately after washing it.

Everything you do with your new tattoo should be in moderation. Don’t wash it too often, depending on how dirty you get and what time of year it is, 3 -4 times per day is just fine. Avoid medical and other ointments, the’ll just interfere with the healing process.

What happens if you don’t moisturize a fresh tattoo?

Some people get away with not using any kind of lotion on their fresh ink. But, if you feel itchiness and the skin feels like it’s getting tight, definitely go for a moisturizer.

It’s going to itch

The skin will get quite dry and itchy as it heals. It’s difficult to resist the urge to scratch, and that can lead to all sorts of trouble, you can damage the tattoo, or worse, get a serious infection.

It’s going to scab

Its gong to scab no matter what you do, but a dry skin will scab more, and the scabs will be easier to pull off. That can cause the tattoo to get damaged.

It might get infected

We’re always going back to the same thing – don’t take care of your freshly tattooed skin, and it might get infected. Applying moderate layers of a protective moisturizer can offer some additional protection and help your skin heal safely. Just make sure not to put too much lotion on it, always leave your skin breathing.

Give it a week or two of care, and your new tattoo will look great!

Questions and Answers

Do you have to moisturize your tattoo?

Some people opt for ‘dry healing’ but that is probably not a very good idea. Not only will it itch (a lot) more, it increases the chances you will damage the skin, develop more and deeper scabbing, all resulting in bigger chances something might go wrong with your tattoo. If you decide to dry-heal your tattoo, make sure to consult with your tattoo artist, and a medical professional.

In all other cases, moisturize your tattoo regularly, 3 – 6 times per day while it heals, washing it regularly. Even after the healing process ends, it’s a good idea to keep your tattoos moisturized for a fresh look.

What happens if you over moisturize your tattoo?

Over moisturizing a fresh tattoo can cause more problems that it helps. You risk isolating the freshly inked skin under a thick layer of lotion, that can create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. The wound needs to ‘breathe’ to be able to heal, so always apply your moisturizer in thin layers.

When should I start moisturizing my tattoo?

You should start applying a moisturizing cream or lotion on your new tattoo right after you wash it for the first time. Keep it going regularly 3-6 times per day, depending on the dryness and itchiness of the freshly tattooed area, for at least two weeks.

What should I avoid after getting tattoo?

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