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Questions and Answers about Finger Tattoos

Leaf Tattoo on Finger by Jaimee Harris
Tattoo by Jaimee Harris

If you’re looking to get a finger tattoo done, there are things you need to know about them. The dainty, little finger tattoo designs you’re seeing all over your Instagram feed are not as simple or easy to get, and there are many things to consider before getting one.

Are finger tattoos very painful?

Yes, getting a finger tattoo is going to be an intense experience. our fingers don’t have a lot of fat to cushion the needle, and your fingers are full of nerve endings, so yes, getting repeatedly stuck by a needle in that area is going to hurt.

If this is going to be your first tattoo, go for a smaller design, something fine-lined and simple, without any shading. That should make the whole experience a little less uncomfortable.

Is my finger tattoo going to fade?

Fingers are not an ideal spot to get a tattoo that will hold long term. The daily ware & tare of your hands, washing, rubbing against clothing… all that will make your finger tattoo fade way quicker than it would on other parts of your body. The tattoo will be permanent, but it will stay crisp for a very long time.

Lion Tattoo on Finger by Kissy Boy Jake
Compare the freshly tattooed lion, done by Kissy Boy Jake, to the healed digits tattooed on the first knuckle and the hand.

Fading is not necessarily a bad thing. You can get regular touch-ups to keep your finger tattoo crisp, decide to cover them up with a new tattoo, or just go with the faded look. Just be aware that you’ll need to take extra care of your finger tattoo.

How to keep finger tattoos from fading?

Extra tattoo after care will be needed to keep those finger tats fresh. While they are fresh, the main thing is always to keep the tattoo from getting damaged or infected, and with finger tattoos that becomes a challenge. You’ll need to wash your hands gently and regularly during the heeling process.

When the tattoos are done and healed, just keep your moisturized, develop your own rutine and your finger bangers will keep their shine for longer.

How much do finger tattoos cost?

When compared to tattoos of similar size, finger tattoos will be a bit more expensive. The are is more difficult for the artist to tattoo, the skin reacts differently and more effort and time is needed to get it done properly.

Get an exact price quote by contacting your shop or artist of choice with a detailed enquiry.

How can I hide my finger tattoos?

Sometimes, because of work or just to avoid annoying questions, you might want to hide your finger tattoo. The placement makes it difficult to hide it the usual way, by covering it with clothing, so you’ll have to use a concealer or a band-aid to hide it.

Not a perfect solution, but hey, we never told you to get those fingers inked, did we?

What is the best design to get tattooed on the fingers?

Simple, outlined designs will work best. They will last longer and be most readable. Shading can work, but chances are that the contrast it will soon fade out and you’ll be left with a blurred image.

Compare bold, strong designs to delicate/dainty ones below, and see what fit’s best.

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