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Finger Tattoo Designs: Ink For Your Digits

Star tattoo on Finger by Sana
Tattoo by Sana

Finger tattoos, not the taboo they used to be just a couple of years back. And we’re not talking about those heavy, in your face LOVE/HATE knuckle tattoos (although we love ’em), we’re talking about dainty, decorative, message-sending, ring-replacing, all sorts of amazing finger tats.

Relatively new trend is taking our social media by storm – finger tattoos. This placement went from being reserved for those who have pretty much covered all other places on the body, to being the first tattoo one gets. Starting small and dainty makes perfect sense, and fingers do offer an opportunity to show off your tattoo in all conditions. A bi tricky to hide them when you need to, but hey, it’s 2020, and tattoos are the mainstream!

Finger tattoos are notoriously painful to get and difficult to maintain. Before you jump on the trend and run to the parlour, take a minute to go through our Finger tattoos Frequently asked questions, so you’ll know what to expect, how to take care of them, and get other answers about them.

From florals to celestial objects, wedding bands to strong messages, we have ’em all, just scroll down and enter the world of finger tattoos.

Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon tattoo on Finger by Belle
Tattoo by Belle

The moon, sun, and the stars almost always boast a compelling effect when paired together. Every culture features some mythos related to their positioning in the sky, which just goes to show the earthy nature of the wearer. Even the little dots directly under the thumbs help link these heavenly bodies together.

Fire Finger Tattoo

FireTattoo on Finger by Xael
Tattoo by Xael

The fine-lined, black flame rippling over the second knuckle makes for a striking statement. This tattoo would look fantastic paired with gold-toned rings on the index and ring fingers.

Heart on Your Finger

Heart Tattoo on Finger by Joshua Norman
Tattoo by Joshua Norman

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is so 2008, so why not take it a step further? Show your open-hearted love for the world with a delicate little heart right on your finger.

Henna Inspired

Tattoo on Finger by Suzie
Tattoo by Suzie

Among the tattoo community, hand tattoos are just as attention-grabbing as they are contentious. While some argue only the most tatted individuals have a right to sport hand tattoos, others use it to show others their spiritual connection to the world. What do you think: has this henna-inspired tattoo gone too far or is it just right?

Rose on The Side

Rose Flower tattoo on Finger by RandyGee
Tattoo by RandyGee

If there’s one thing you can rely on in this constantly changing world it’s that florals will never, ever go out of fashion. Though most opt for delicate line work on their hands, this fully shaded and thorny rose is sure to draw attention.

Dotwork Finger Tattoo

Moon Tattoo on Finger by Amy Umalome
Tattoo by Amy Umalome

Curious how the tattoo artist achieved that lightly shaded crescent moon? Through a technique known as stippling or dotwork, the artist used tons of little dots to create a faded effect. The hand is a great location for such a gentle style, especially when paired with other super defined visual elements.

Middle Finger Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo on Finger by Kissy Boy Jake
Tattoo by Kissy Boy Jake

Over the years, some hand tats can become faded since that part of the body moves constantly. Far from being unappealing, the faded look of the rose and digits pairs really well with the ultra-defined, brand new house crest lion.

Rose Tattoo

Rose Flower tattoo on Finger by Jojo
Tattoo by Jojo

In the mood for something a little more art-nouveau inspired? This simple yet eye-catching rose harkens back to the highly stylized look of that early twentieth century art movement.

Lettering Finger Tattoo

Writing Letters tattoo on Finger by Esin
Tattoo by Esin

Letters are great for finger tattoos – simple, recognizable lines make this type of design the perfect choice.

Finger Tattoo Collection

Tattoo on Finger by fabienne_fabi
Tattoo by fabienne_fabi

We love the look of sporting symbols above each of the knuckles. In particular, the pinky dagger that uses the natural ridges of the second knuckle lends some depth to the look. Better yet, the white highlight around the dagger makes the tattoo even more convincing.

Color Traditional Finger Tats

Tattoo on Finger by sydney bee
Tattoo by sydney bee

Though color is normally reserved for other parts of the body, it can make a bold statement when used appropriately on the fingers. Bright crowns, jewels, daggers and flowers look great together when they share the same palette.

Triangle on The Side

nordic symbol   tattoo on Finger - Blackwork style by Grizz
Tattoo by Grizz

Triangle tattoos hold different meaning to different people. Some asociate them with Christianity, because three corners would represent The Holy Trinity. In this case, the triangles probably represent the basic elements, clean triangle being Fire, and the other one representing Earth.

Thumb trumpet for the musicians

Semicolon tattoo on Finger by Teagan | Lace Demon
Tattoo by Teagan | Lace Demon

The hands are a fantastic place to show off your love of music. Even though the thumb tattoo is pretty abstract, there’s no mistaking the iconic squiggles of that trumpet.
Brass instruments require pretty extensive use of the fingers, which makes the thumb a great spot to show just how much the instrument is a part of your life.

Smile Finger Tattoo

Smiley tattoo on Finger by Harry Wang
Tattoo by Harry Wang

Want something that’s slightly easier to hide from potential employers? The cheeky, grinning face can be your little secret. We especially love the placement, since it’s immediately visible when you high-five a friend or throw out a peace sign. Always remember to smile!

emoji smile  tattoo on Finger by Loko
Tattoo by Loko

Leaf Finger Tattoo

Leaf Tattoo on Finger by Jaimee Harris
Tattoo by Jaimee Harris

Who says hand tattoos don’t have to be thematic? Just like full arm sleeves, hand tats can use the natural curvature of the fingers to suggest looping vines, starry skies, and other abstract floral elements. This is the type of tattoo that will look just as good faded as it does fresh.

Leaf Tattoo on Finger by Tiago Carvalho
Tattoo by Tiago Carvalho

Snake on The Finger

Snake Tattoo on Finger by Joshua Norman
Tattoo by Joshua Norman

There’s no mistaking the rebellious look of this snake crawling along the middle finger. The tattoo artist has found a pretty clever way to avoid the sensitive ridges of the second knuckle, which will help the tat avoid any premature fading. The contrast of light scales with the dark head and tail also help to suggest a sense of spatial depth.

Meaningful Finger Tattoo Wedding Band

Forest Couple tattoo on Finger by Jesse Phillips
Tattoo by Jesse Phillips

Ditch the rings and get something a little more permanent. We can’t think of anything more cute than getting a matching tattoo with your lover, especially when it symbolically suggests your relationship together. Maybe these two love spending time together in the woods, or maybe they’re suggesting that their relationship is constantly growing. No matter the reason, it’s certainly more creative than wearing matching gold wedding bands.

Dainty Star

Star tattoo on Finger by Sana
Tattoo by Sana

Just a tiny little star on the ring finger. Or is it a placeholder for a shiny stone?

Ornamental finger tattoo

Tattoo on Finger by Jojo
Tattoo by Jojo

The suggestion of fine-lined, symmetrical designs really ties the look together. When you get multiple hand tattoos, you’ve really got to think about how each element will look for the most cohesive effect: this look achieves that brilliantly.

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup tattoo on Finger by Alina
Tattoo by Alina

Either this person can’t get enough coffee, or they’re a Java web developer. Either way, this little tattoo shows off the more fun-loving side of the wearer. The use of simple curves to suggest the rim of the cup and billowing steam makes it appear much more complete.

Say it with your fingers

Writing tattoo on Finger by Masha Vivo
Tattoo by Masha Vivo

Must admit, this is driving me crazy. What are they hiding on that index finger? Are they holding something back?

Color for your digits

Jewel Tattoo on Finger by Allison McEntire
Tattoo by Allison McEntire

I think we can agree that these turquoise-inspired tattoos are just astonishing. Hopefully blue is the wearer’s favorite color, otherwise I can imagine it would be difficult to pair this bright tat with a new outfit everyday.

Love, Butterfly and Rose

Flower tattoo on Finger by Kelcie Waslenko
Tattoo by Kelcie Waslenko

When done carefully, it’s possible to pull off different hand tattoos into one look without appearing hodge-podge. Though you’ll have to be careful, we love the connection between the butterfly, hearts, and rose.

Love You!

Tattoo on Finger by tattooist.1000
Tattoo by tattooist.1000

Did you know this tattoo means “I love you” in American sign language? This instantly recognizable symbol is great to place on the underside of the finger, especially since it can serve as a fun secret you have with yourself.

Smile, I’m a finger!

Semicolon Tattoo on Finger by kat
Tattoo by kat .

Symbols on the sides of your fingers, always here to remind you to stay positive. We love the look of the crescent moon, semi-colon, smile, and leaf – the best part is, you can swap out these symbols for whatever glyphs are more meaningful for you while preserving the placement.

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